Billy Vunipola

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Billy Vunipola 

Saracens & England No8

The England and Saracens Number 8 previously told the Daily Express that he has returned to his Christian faith after allowing fame and fortune to go to his head.

Billy has committed to stay at the Saracens even though they have a fight on their hands to return to their former state after automatic relegation.

“The biggest thing for me has been my belief in God and I felt like I went away from that. I strayed,” he said. “I took advantage of everything I have now, and I didn’t appreciate how lucky I am to be in a position that I am.”

And in an interview with Premier Christianity, Vunipola said his faith in Jesus both strengthens him and gives him a resilience when things don’t go so well.

“Knowing that Jesus is with me makes me a stronger person, makes me a more confident person. Whatever I do try to do, even if it doesn’t come off, I’ll always have God or Jesus to lean back on, and I know if it didn’t go my way there must be a reason. There is always a reason.”

We’re praying that this will be a great season for both Billy and the team…


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