The Leaders


Marc Lesley 

Leader of Christian Men United

Marc, seeks to incorporate a sporting element into the great adventure called christianity, via a fresh expression of Church called Christian Men United

Marc completed a BA(Hons) Applied Theology Degree at Regents Theological College in 2015, after serving in various leadership roles for 8 years in Liverpool,

He believes that sporting activities create fantastic opportunities, for Christians to enjoy community life whilst learning, experiencing and demonstrating the life of Jesus and all that He achieved, and continues to achieve.


Wer’e Building, Get Involved. . .

Be Part Of A Great Team 


As you can imagine, to put on a 4 days men event requires many hands, many minds and many hearts.

That is why we’re looking for people like you, people who want to participate in serving with God’s men, in this great adventure called Christianity.

To give you an idea of some of the roles and tasks the Invincible Games generates we have collated a list, have a look and if you want to chat about any aspect of the games and how you can get involved, ‘contact us’ or visit Victory Outreach Church Liverpool.


Facilities: External & Internal


  1. assist with: gate/car park monitoring
  2. assist with: camp Site Security/Patrols
  3. assist with: toilets/shower units, site hygiene 
  4. assist with: ticket/wristband monitoring: entrance to meetings
  5. assist with: crowd monitoring at Invincible Games + meetings + seminars


Invincible Games


  1. assist with:  set up – take down Invincible Games
  2. assist with: managing athletes registration
  3. assist with: athlete score cards during the Invincible Games
  4. assist with: monitoring 1st Aid, health & safety of athletes & spectators


Clubhouse Activities


  1. assist with: Clubhouse suppliers
  2. assist with: Clubhouse audio visual games
  3. assist with Clubhouse games and bar area
  4. assist with: Clubhouse security
  5. Assist with: Clubhouse set up/clear down




  1. assist with: breakfast facilities
  2. assist with: meeting breaks
  3. assist with: athletes refreshments
  4. assist with: volunteers food/refreshments
  5. assist with: corporate Sunday lunch




  1. assist with: morning devotions
  2. assist with: the running of meetings and seminars
  3. assist with prayer group


Worship & AV


  1. assist with: corporate and devotional worship
  2. assist with: coordination of AV, sound and bands
  3. assist with: stage/lighting and film


Sales & Marketing 


  1. assist with: secular commercial stands
  2. assist with Christian commercial stands
  3. assist with branded merchandise




  1. assist with: event ticket sales
  2. assist with: Invincible Games ticket sales
  3. assist with: commercial Unit Hire Sales
  4. assist with: ESC merchandise Sales



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