Wednesday Night Meetings


Welcome to Our Wednesday Night Meeting.

Our Wednesday nights are a great place for you to make new friends and develop your relationship with the Lord.

We meet weekly in Liverpool on a Wednesday evening, to build relationships, plan monthly sporting activities and organise the annual Invincible Games.

Each meeting begins with a meal & topical chat, followed by biblical discussions, to stay physically and mentally healthy.


How It All Works

All you need to do is check out the info’ below or contact us if you require any more information.

Then, simply arrive at our venue at 19:30 and enjoy being part of the team…**





Workplace, by Facebook, is a social media communication tool that connects all members of Chistian Men United. It uses familiar Facebook features such as live video, Groups and Chat to bring us all together, making teamwork faster.

Sometimes it can be difficult communicating with everyone at SCU, but Workplace is an efficient way to share information in a variety of ways. 


We have created different groups to enable a diverse range of conversations to take place 24/7, from general chat to planning team events.

Our Groups are diverse and include; Outdoor Pursuits, 6 aside Football, Social Events, Racket Sports, Mens Health and more. Members can join and get involved with as many groups as they wish.

Live Videos

Making announcements and chatting is made simple with integrated live videoing from one-one chats on mobile devices, to online team meetings for our groups.

For example, those interested in 6 aside football to those planning to travel to Lanzarote on our annual away week, can organise group chats through the Workplace live video system.

Text, video, images and GIFs 

Workplace also incorporates the latest innovative methods of interactive media, making our communication interesting and engaging. This transforms the way we share devotional material and the way we celebrate CMU members personal events, like, birthdays and anniversaries, collectively on-line.

Workplace 2

**Workplace 1

**Workplace 3