The Football Player & Christianity, A Game Of Two Halves

The Football Player


Christianity, A Game Of Two Halves



The Football Player

There’s a young man called Phil’, he lives on the local council estate and works as a delivery man. Phil is mad about football he’s played since he was able to walk and supports the local red team.

At the age of 18 Phil had a trial for a lower league team, and signed on to the team and began to play on a regular basis. Phil’ now earns good money, more than he has ever made before. He is popular, he’s seen by thousands of people on a match day, not just by the locals on his street, and he has loads of new mates.

Party Life

Phil’ begins to party, ‘big style’, he can afford lots of beers and recreational highs, in fact, he can afford what ever he wants. He has a big house and a big car with very big shiny wheels.


Football Relegation

But, Phil’s standard of football begins to drop, he struggles to hold his 1st team position and spends more time on the subs bench. Phil’s contract is nearly over and his club are not renewing it. . .They are letting Phil go!

A Transfer Deal

Phil’s life quickly spirals out of control, his money runs out and his new mates have all moved on… to the player who replaced him. Phil’ can’t afford the house he is living in, he’s distraught and doesn’t know what to do.

Phil’ has no option, he has to make another signing, only this time there’s no transfer deal, or party to celebrate, Phil’ is signing on for ‘Job Seekers Allowance’, everyone in the neighbourhood is aware of his fall, everyone is talking about Phil’s life.

Without a place of his own, Phil now kips on a mates sofa. . .and begins to slowly fall into depression…

Phil’s Second Half

A few weeks later, Phil’ is out walking, and his mobile phone rings… A manager from a premiership team who spotted Phil a few months ago

wants him to attend training and a trial.The manager organises a date.

Phil gets out his old boots and starts training. He attends the trial and is called into the office after, the manager explains that he is aware of Phil’s past, but, he believes in his ability and wants to give him another chance. Phil is ‘made up’ he can’t believe it. Phil’s Second half looks like it could be a winner. . .


Christianity, A Game Of Two Halves

The 1st Half

Christianity is like Phil’s life. . .

There is the before, where we work and live and make our own plans, striving for what we believe is important.

And there are some of us, (not everyone) who, like Phil’, get caught out chasing after the ‘shiny things’ in life. We want more than we can afford, and fall into all kinds of trouble, troubles that overwhelm us and seem impossible to shake off.

However, it isn’t the manager from the premiership, who calls to give us a hand in the game of life!…

The 2nd Half

You see, everyone. . .that means everyone who has lived on this planet has made mistakes and struggles with either having too much or wanting more than we need. . .

Everyone of us has a handful of red cards that we have collected throughout our lives, and there are many, many, many times when we should have been sent off, transferred, fined or dropped.

Yet, it isn’t the manager from the premiership who calls to give us a hand in the game of life!…it is God. . .


Heres How it works – ‘This is the exciting part’. . .

While we are unsure, uncertain about how to tackle life’s events, God isn’t.

and, like Phil’s football manager God isn’t pushy, or forceful.

He simply waits on the side line, waiting for us to stop for a moment, to take a half time drink, or to be subbed, then, God the creator of all things simply says. . .

‘Since the day you were created I have watched you, and all the highs and lows of your life’. . .I know that you’ve made some mistakes and I want you to know there’s a better life waiting for you, follow me and I will show you the way’. . .

‘I’m offering you a transfer, a chance to leave the past and all its mistakes behind, and enjoy the second half of your life, and then, enter into extra time’.


The final Word

Theres a similar story in the bible about a young lad, who wasn’t happy working for his dad, and wanted more money so that he could leave home and have a better social life.

His dad gives him the money that he asked for, and is sad to see his youngest son leave.

However, life doesn’t work out as he had planned…

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