Miracles & Slavery

I’m sat writing, it is still the early hours of the day. The cappuccino that I have just consumed has left a rather pungent taste on my tongue and the stillness in the room is tangible.

Walking along the pathway to my current destination I glanced at the night sky, trillions of stars studded the tapestry of heaven with various formations, I could see them, but could not distinguish them. . .it is a miracle how they stay anchored to their location, but it is not this miracle that I want to share with you.


I want to show you my miracle, I also want to show you a glimpse of the one behind the miracle, I want to share with you one occasion of many, where God the creator, heard my prayer and answered.

I want you to not only hear the miracle, but to also see the miracle, feel the miracle and to taste the miracle. . .And believe. . .

Here goes. . .

For many years, since the age of eleven, I have been an addict!.

The substance of my addiction was tobacco, from that first inhalation of packaged smog, I began the journey of corporate grooming.

‘Back then’, when smoking was a cool past time and my lungs were as fresh fillet steaks, I couldn’t perceive how controlling an aromatic plant could be.

Thirty years later and countless failed attempts to quit, my ten-twenty a day habit, I consoled myself with the false notion, “I’m not as bad as I used to be”.

I would watch others with various controlling habits, knowing that they to struggled with the habitual routine of wanting release, achieving momentary escapes, yet remained controlled by a primeval need to consume at all costs, that which their flesh desired.


The miracle. . .

Two weeks ago I moved, traveling from a land where hope is delivered to a place where hope is derived.

The move was a big move, it was a move that filled me with excitement, with life changing expectations, yet deep within me a concern emerged!.

I was about to attend a College, a College whose principals would mean my addiction would force me to cower behind hedge rows, to find secret locations so that I could consume my addiction.

My mind began to race, anxiety clawed at the surplus flesh of my mind. . .

So I prayed. The prayer was simple in its delivery yet dynamic in its expectation.

“Father, you know that I am about to attend college, you now the rules that they have in place, all I ask is that you would take away the habit that you know I have tried to overcome for so many years”. . .

. . . & then I believed. . .


Today is now the eleventh day without a cigaret or substitutes, or cravings withdrawals or any other symptoms.

It is the eleventh day that my lungs have inhaled only my FATHERS air, it is the eleventh day that I remember that JESUS is still orchestrating miracles, beautiful life changing miracles, renewing that which has been damaged setting many captives free from slavery.


I wanted to close with a deep, theoretical conclusion!, but I can’t think of one.

So I will simply finish by saying, GOD is good extremely good and He is more that able to do marvellous, mesmerising, miraculous, miracles in your life.

Just believe. . .