FAQ: Invincible Games


Q: What are The Invincible Games?

Christian Men United’s annual sporting event is the Invincible Games, the games are the culmination of regional meetings held across the UK.

These meetings are for Christian Sportsmen competing for the title of ‘Invincible Champion’ and also for non sport playing Christian men, who seek fellowship and ministry time.

The annual meeting is a time to enjoy meeting with other Christians, to relax, to be strengthened and equipped. The event combines sports, biblical teachings, worship, prayer and social time.



Q: Who are the Invincible Games For?

The games are for men 18 years+ who have accepted Jesus as their Lord and Saviour, The Invincible Games are also for men 18+ who are considering becoming a Christian. The games are fantastic for both participants and for spectators.


Q: Who can compete in the Invincible Games?

The games are for Christian men 18 years+, however, for health and safety reasons athletes must meet the minimum entry requirements please visit our website and view ‘Athlete Entry Requirements’ for more details.



Q: Where are the games held?

The annual Invincible games are held at the Staffordshire Showground, whilst the regional games will be held at various locations (To be decided) around the UK.


Q: Some of our group are coming from Ireland and Scotland, do you provide transport?

At the moment we do not provide any transport solutions, however Staffordshire is centrally positioned in the UK and is easily accessible from all major road networks, and from Nottingham, East Midlands, Manchester and Liverpool airports



Q: Where do people sleep at the Invincible games?

Staffordshire Showground is set in acres of grassland, part of this grassed area is set aside for tents and designated areas for camper vans and caravans.


Showers & Toilets

Q: Where can I shower at the games?

There are shower and toilet blocks located around the site with additional shower blocks situated within the main building for athletes during the games. For athletes on a day pass there will be a cloak room where bags can be stored.



Q: What are my catering options?

The site has a large diner/canteen that will be available at set times throughout the day, offering main meals and snacks. In addition there will be mobile food units offering a selection of hot foods. The complex also has a shop that offers a limited selection of food items for self catering.



Q: Can I bring my pet alligator?

If you have a pet alligator we would like to ask why?. . .Staffordshire is certainly not the everglades!. . .but seriously, if you have a pet pooch your more than welcome to bring them along, however we do insist that all dog mess is cleared up immediately and disposed of appropriately, ‘No exceptions’.


The Games

Q: Where do I park? and where can I leave my bag?

There is ample car parking spaces for all visitors and athletes. Also everyone that purchases an Athlete Ticket, but, is not camping will be able to use the Cloakroom situated near the Games.


Q: How hard are the Invincible Games?

The Invincible Games will raise challenges for athletes in various ways, the games are designed to test different aspects of fitness from strength, stamina, to endurance. Some athletes may be very competent in strength sports but not as rounded in their endurance abilities and will have to dig deep into their reserves to rise to the challenge.


Q: What kind of training should I do prior to the games?

All of the Invincible Games activities will test the Athlete both mentally and physically, therefore, each contestant should be able to achieve 60 – 90 minutes of cardio activity.

Likewise, an athlete should be able to lift 1.5 times their own weight repeatedly for short periods of time in quick succession.

An athlete must also have a good level of flexibility incorporating a good warm up cool down routine, to prevent injuries and to maintain healthy joints.

A good diet is a crucial elements to an athletes performance, to support both a healthy mind and healthy physique, eating a good nutritional breakfast before the Games is important and a good nights sleep of 7-8 hours is advisable.


Q: Can I enter on my own or do I need to be part of a team?

The competition is for individual  athletes to enter, however as the competition will push athletes to their limits it’s always cool to have team mates to cheer you on and to encourage one another. However, if your attending the games on your own thats great, because the coaches and score referees will be on hand to encourage and push you on at each event.


Q: What do I need to bring to the Invincible Games?

As with any sport there are personal items that an athlete will always bring with them to training and to competition’s, i.e kit, wraps, belts and any medicinal items. we recommend that all athletes consider the following items: 1) ID Pass (issued on arrival) – 2) Bag for wet clothes – 3) Sun cream – 4) Pack lunch or money to purchase food/drinks – 5) Change of clothing.


Q: What clothes should I wear for the Invincible Games?

Clothes for athletes should be able to repel water from the skin and dry fast, this will help prevent them from soaking up too much perspiration and becoming heavy and uncomfortable. Your kit should fit and be respectable and be made from breathable material.

Trainers or running shoes should be sturdy and easy to clean making them usable for both days.


Q: Will there be any food or drinks available during the Invincible Games?

Yes, there will be various mobile food & drink units around the venue and there is also a dinning room that serves ample meals as well as beverages. Also there are water taps where bottles can be filled for free.



Most vendors will accept card payments however some will only accept cash especially the food vendors.