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Once a group has formed they then engage in sporting activities that they choose for fun and fellowship.

These activities occur bi-weekly on the 1st  and 3rd Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday of each month, depending on which day each individual community has decided to meet on, at various locations around the town of Ledbury.

Activities that our chosen may, for example include;

  • Hill walking – followed by a meal at Regents College (Malvern Hills)
  • Pub darts – local pub
  • Go carting – local outdoor activity centre
  • Cardio group session – local fitness centre
  • Remote controlled planes – local locations
  • Mountain climbing – Wales – Scotland
  • Swimming – Regents Head Quarters – or local town pool
  • Rounders – BBQ – local location
  • Gym – group session
  • Bowling – local green or beach bowls in Cardiff
  • Basketball – Regents Head quarters
  • Pool matches – local pub
  • Kite flying – Malvern Hills
  • 5 Aside football – Ledbury pitches

Bible Teaching Worship and Prayer

Each individual Sporting Community again meets bi-weekly, on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday /Wednesday or Thursday of each month. This will involve sharing a meal, notices relevant to all the Sporting Community groups, a 15 minute Biblical group discussion and question time, followed by prayer and topical community discussions aimed at developing our individual walk with Jesus.

  • Meal
  • Notices
  • 15 min Biblical talk & questions
  • Prayer time
  • Individual community discussions

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