“Nasty That!”

I have just been downing a cup of caffeine, enjoying the rich velvety texture and the nostalgic aroma

when one of the crisps I was eating found its way into a hole I have in one of my teeth!.

The pain was instant, & the reaction was acute. I grabbed my jaw, and with my tongue removed the offending crisp, smashed it against my back molars and swallowed. . .

It deserved it, causing me pain when I least expected it.

Then again, the crisp wasn’t to know about the hole in my tooth . . .was it!. . .

I’m sat in a cafe, pronounced ‘caf-A’, because it’s not a ‘greasy spoon!’ it’s a posh little gaff, nice seats, expensive scoff.

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To You With Love…

It’s been a while since we chatted and I have often wondered how you are.


The froth on my vending machine coffee is disintegrating, and the edge of my crisp is fighting to delve into the vacant void where my recently excavated tooth once lived.

Outside the rain has reduced to a gentle drizzle and the air is crisp.


I have often sat and wondered what your up to, how your days have been filled, and wether your doing ok.

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