Blizzards & Mars Bars


There is something mesmerising about each layer of snow, the way they compact and hold together on each uniquely crafted branch with adhesive icicles . . .
. . . Fascinating. . .

Today I climbed a mountain, the air was crisp and the pathway strewn with footprints of many walkers each treading the path that lay before my trudging boots. Judging by the depths of the varying indents, the size and stature of those that previously walked the blizzard like snow, varied immensely.


I’m now sat in the warmth, the radiators belting out unconditional heat and the floor beneath my feet is even and well maintained. . .


If only life was always like that!. . .’warm and even’.

You see, as I reflect on bygone days as the dunked mars bar melts in my steaming coffee, I recollect the many mountainous moments that my feet have trod, with many a slip, where life’s twists and turns have revealed steep inclines and traverses that seemed impossible, all covered in a layer of cosmetically beautiful yet treacherous snow.

I wonder if eating a pack of 3 mars bars in one sitting is glutinous!. . . Or, because of the wintery conditions and the need for extra insulation, I can equate a whale blubber rational!. . . I wonder. . .


God is good, and extremely clever.

Each flake of snow He gives a place to rest, with each breath of wind He designs a masterpiece with ice.

I smile, wondering what the Creator of all things makes of His children at play, from toboggans and snow men, to coffee on mountain tops . . .was God watching?. . .was He involved?. . .

I believe that He was.

I believe that He is pleased with the team work His children show in the hard work they complete whilst clearing pavements for others. I’m sure that He is very pleased.

It is like life! as each step is taken, as each peak or valley in life is surmounted, He, the Majestic one, our God of the snow ball, the sleigh and the mountain side, is not only involved in the creating, but enjoys the laughter and the enjoyment that is experienced by those who love Him.

And, I’m certain that the laughter which echoed from the mountain tops today, and from the sledges that overturned spewing their cargo of hysterical people, was heard by the creator of heaven and earth who enjoyed His children enjoying His creation.


I have decided to stop at 2 mars bars, and I’m going to reflect for a few moments longer on the creativity and involvement of God, in all that we His children do. Then, after I turn down the heating, I’m going to thank Him for the gift of snow and all the enjoyment it brings. . .

. . .God is good. . .