Blizzards & Mars Bars


There is something mesmerising about each layer of snow, the way they compact and hold together on each uniquely crafted branch with adhesive icicles . . .
. . . Fascinating. . .

Today I climbed a mountain, the air was crisp and the pathway strewn with footprints of many walkers each treading the path that lay before my trudging boots. Judging by the depths of the varying indents, the size and stature of those that previously walked the blizzard like snow, varied immensely.

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‘Man Up’…

I’m sat waiting for the rice to finish cooking, it’s part of a delicious dish I’m cooking, judging by the aroma that the slaughtered chicken is producing, now that the fleshy morsels have been dusted with herbs, it’s going to be delightful. . .


The other day I sat chatting with a few mates, and the topic of discussion was, ‘What is a Real Man!’

It was quite a straight forward question but the conversation seemed to be stuck in a groove of uncertainty.

You could sense the unease, you could see beads of perspiration forming on foreheads, it was as if the question was too dangerous to handle. . .

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Pray!. . .Pray always. . .


I really need to get a thermos mug! . . .I notice that on many occasions my posh coffee lar-tay or latte depending where your from, is cold before I finish drinking it, today is no exception.

I have just been reading an article about a sports player who collapsed whilst playing a football match. . .

As I read I sensed my internal organs grieving, aligning with his relatives anguish.

As I continued reading it was amazing to hear many professional players and football associates say that they were praying for him also, praying that he would be well!. . .

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I’m sat drinking a refreshing drink of Pepsi,

I love the way the ice wrestles with the liquid, striving to stay alive, yet with every second its life is squeezed from it.

. . .’mesmerising!’. . .

I don’t actually love Pepsi!, it’s just the word I use to say “hey I like that!” It’s strange how the word ‘love’ has been stripped of its meaning, that, in most cases, it’s just a word of convenience!

“I love my new shoes!”. . .”I love my Sunday roast!”. . .”I love my bowl of porridge!”. . .”I love my toothpaste’!”. . .

How did this happen I wonder! You-see, there must have been a time when the word ‘love’ was used to mean something deeper!. . .

What if. . .

What if we were only allowed to use the word Love for its true meaning, I wonder how many times we would actually use the word!

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Can I Help You?. . .


Today’s been manic. . .

A client called me this morning at 9.00 and wanted me to meet for an appointment straight away!

I said ‘sure no problem’. . .’no problem at all!’. . .

Then, after I put the phone down I realised, that I had confirmed without checking my schedule for the day.

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Worn Out…

I’m sat in a cafe, and it’s narcotic, I’m guessing from the decor that its trying to relive the past.

I’m almost a quarter of the way through my bacon sandwich, it’s nice, but I should have indulged in a full breakfast. You see, the table adjacent to mine did, and now they are gorging themselves on fodder that could have been mine.

And as I paused between the last and next mouthful a wave of nostalgia washed over me.

I have just been to the cobblers to have the heels of my boots fixed, they were in desperate need of work due to the mileage they have recently completed.


I’m know watching tables empty and tables refill, and I’m wondering how many of those who have stuffed their faces, quenched their thirst remember the ‘Good old days?’. . .

I chuckle to myself why do we call them the ‘good old days’ as if time now elapsed was full of life more vigorous more fulfilling than these days we now occupy?.

. . .’very peculiar!’. . .


A lady is rummaging through her historic looking bag, she has a desperate, anxious look upon her weather worn face. 

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Join The Team…

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Sports Church On Workspace…

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Welcome to Our Wednesday Night Meeting.

Our Wednesday nights are a great place for you to make new friends and develop your relationship with the Lord.

We meet weekly in Liverpool on a Wednesday evening, to build relationships, plan monthly sporting activities and organise the annual Invincible Games.

Each meeting begins with a meal & topical chat, followed by biblical discussions, to stay physically and mentally healthy.


How It All Works

All you need to do is contact us if you require any more information, or, simply arrive at City Church at 19:30 and join in… Then, get Involved in our ‘Members Workplace’ and Chat, discuss and make plans, and enjoy being part of the team…

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Workplace is a social media communication tool that connects all members of Elim Sports Church (ESC). It uses familiar Facebook features such as live video, Groups and Chat to bring us all together, making teamwork faster.

Sometimes it can be difficult communicating with everyone at ESC, but Workplace is an efficient way to share information in a variety of ways. 


We have created different groups to enable a diverse range of conversations to take place 24/7, from general chat to planning team events.

Groups are diverse and include; Outdoor Pursuits, Social Events, Racket Sports and  Mens Health. Members can join as many groups as they wish.

Live Videos

Making announcements and chatting is made simple with integrated live videoing from one-one chats on mobile devices, to online team meetings for our groups.

For example, those interested in 6 aside football to those planning to travel to Lanzarote on our annual away week, can organise group chats through the Workplace live video system.

Text, video, images and GIFs 

Workplace also incorporates the latest innovative methods of interactive media, making our communication interesting and engaging. This transforms the way we share devotional material to the way we celebrate ESC members personal events, and anniversaries collectively on-line.
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