FAQ: Christian Men United



Q: What Is Christian Men united (C.M.U)

Christian Men United (C.M.U) is a men’s ministry, within Sports Church UK which meets on a weekly basis in Liverpool for fellowship and discipleship.

Christian Men United organise, implement and manage the Invincible Games held annually at Staffordshire Showground. These games allow Christian men to uterlise their God given skills, in a wide range of roles.


Q: Who is C.M.U For For?

C.M.U is for Christian men, 18 years+, who have accepted Jesus as their Lord and Saviour. And for men 18+ who are considering becoming a Christian.


Q: Where do C.M.U meet?

Christian Men United meet weekly in Liverpool on a Wednesday evening for fellowship and discipleship and to plan activities for the invincible games.


Q: How Do I Become A Member?

Every man over 18 years of age is welcome to join by attending C.M.U gatherings on a Wednesday evening and by participating in Sport Church Uk activities 


Q: Is there a Christian Women United?

At the moment there is not, however it would be great if there was, so if you know of any ladies who would like to start a ‘Christian Women United’ then contact us.


Q: What are the requirements to enter the Invincible Games?

For more information follow the link, here you will find more FAQ regarding the Invincible Games.