To Tired To Fight. . .

Work was a real chore today.

It was as if all the joyful components had been removed, leaving me with the acute sense that this is ‘hard work’.

At first I considered the early hour to be the rationale for my uncomfortableness, yet I have functioned admirably on many occasions in this time zone.

 So, how can this be? how can one day be so unlike the previous day? how can two days be so unhinged?

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The Beat. . .

There is a tune playing in my ear. . .it has a seriously heavy beat with a dramatic sounding base.

It’s as if my ear drums are being battered by an acoustic jelly, with a delicious rhythm. . .

Do you ever get those moments when all of your life for one split second seems all aligned, all in sync, as if every globule of liquid within you flows to one rhythm?

Theres this mate of mine who plays drums, in fact he breathes drums, if you were to watch him play, whilst sticking your fingers in your ears to drown out all of the sound, he would look seriously strange, arms flailing everywhere legs thrashing around and a weird look across his face!. . .
But if you were to remove your fingers, so that you could hear the sound of the drum; then your ears, your mind and your flesh would fall into the very beat that he was playing.

. . .’exquisite’. . .

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Reminiscing. . .

I’m sat in a little cafe it’s a greasy spoon!, it’s decor is historic but it’s service is perfectly quaint...

Earlier I sat with a mate of mine we were eating a breakfast that most wouldn’t manage but we dutifully polished off every morsel. . .

As we chewed our way through we chatted about the past. . .laughing at times remembering that when past events were occurring they seemed so crucial, but on reflection now appear trivial!. . .

It’s great having the past to reflect on its in some ways, critical for the future. . .

Isn’t life great!. . .

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Deep Waters…


Peter Sinks, Faith Arises

Im sat drinking a cup of coffee with sweetener, and I’m pondering a piece of scripture…


This is the scripture I’m pondering…

Jesus Walks on the Water

Mat 14:22-33

Immediately he made the disciples get into the boat and go before him to the other side, while he dismissed the crowds.

And after he had dismissed the crowds, he went up on the mountain by himself to pray. When evening came, he was there alone,

but the boat by this time was a long way from the land, beaten by the waves, for the wind was against them. 

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Miracles & Slavery

I’m sat writing, it is still the early hours of the day. The cappuccino that I have just consumed has left a rather pungent taste on my tongue and the stillness in the room is tangible.

Walking along the pathway to my current destination I glanced at the night sky, trillions of stars studded the tapestry of heaven with various formations, I could see them, but could not distinguish them. . .it is a miracle how they stay anchored to their location, but it is not this miracle that I want to share with you.


I want to show you my miracle, I also want to show you a glimpse of the one behind the miracle, I want to share with you one occasion of many, where God the creator, heard my prayer and answered.

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Cold Feet & Drawbridges

The mornings arrived, but I’m not ready!…Its not yet daylight and my room is rather cold.


Lets talk about you for a minute, yes you!

How are you doing? . . . Seriously how are you ‘really’ doing?

I ask because, last night a friend and I began a discussion pertaining reconciliation, about letting those who caused us pain or let us down in the past, back into our lives.

As we talked a few other friends arrived and the conversation became meaty. Veins protruded from tense neck muscles, as past hurts were summoned to mind and distant injustices re-calibrated.

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“Nasty That!”

I have just been downing a cup of caffeine, enjoying the rich velvety texture and the nostalgic aroma

when one of the crisps I was eating found its way into a hole I have in one of my teeth!.

The pain was instant, & the reaction was acute. I grabbed my jaw, and with my tongue removed the offending crisp, smashed it against my back molars and swallowed. . .

It deserved it, causing me pain when I least expected it.

Then again, the crisp wasn’t to know about the hole in my tooth . . .was it!. . .

I’m sat in a cafe, pronounced ‘caf-A’, because it’s not a ‘greasy spoon!’ it’s a posh little gaff, nice seats, expensive scoff.

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I’m sat in this posh venue I can tell that it is posh because the leather seats are genuinely made of leather and the cost of my coffee tells me I must be drinking ‘gold leaf!’. . .

I’m not sure how to behave!. . .you see I’m so used to sitting on worn seats and in slightly weathered places. . .

I kind of feel a little. . .’uncomfortable!’. . .

I really want to take off my shoes and kick back. . .

I want to seriously ‘slob out’ on these expensive looking seats, but I’m sure it would be frowned upon, by the immaculately dressed staff! . .

It’s funny how with age we begin to understand ourselves!, what we like, what we don’t!. . .what makes us tick and what gives us the most enjoyment.

I recall the days when any venue would do as long as the drinks were cheap and the music loud!. . .

Now I’m a bit more selective. My ears won’t tolerate loud noise for a length of time. . .I’m fussy who I let sit at my table. . .and I am very selective with whom I talk to. . .

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I’m sat here having a coffee & I can hear someone having a right old laugh!.

Its funny the more I can hear them, the more I’m sat here grinning, I have no idea what they are laughing about but for some unknown reason my cheek muscles have stretched my jaw into a beaming smile. . .quite odd!. . .

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To You With Love…

It’s been a while since we chatted and I have often wondered how you are.


The froth on my vending machine coffee is disintegrating, and the edge of my crisp is fighting to delve into the vacant void where my recently excavated tooth once lived.

Outside the rain has reduced to a gentle drizzle and the air is crisp.


I have often sat and wondered what your up to, how your days have been filled, and wether your doing ok.

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