Pray!. . .Pray always. . .


I really need to get a thermos mug! . . .I notice that on many occasions my posh coffee lar-tay or latte depending where your from, is cold before I finish drinking it, today is no exception.

I have just been reading an article about a sports player who collapsed whilst playing a football match. . .

As I read I sensed my internal organs grieving, aligning with his relatives anguish.

As I continued reading it was amazing to hear many professional players and football associates say that they were praying for him also, praying that he would be well!. . .

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I’m sat drinking a refreshing drink of Pepsi,

I love the way the ice wrestles with the liquid, striving to stay alive, yet with every second its life is squeezed from it.

. . .’mesmerising!’. . .

I don’t actually love Pepsi!, it’s just the word I use to say “hey I like that!” It’s strange how the word ‘love’ has been stripped of its meaning, that, in most cases, it’s just a word of convenience!

“I love my new shoes!”. . .”I love my Sunday roast!”. . .”I love my bowl of porridge!”. . .”I love my toothpaste’!”. . .

How did this happen I wonder! You-see, there must have been a time when the word ‘love’ was used to mean something deeper!. . .

What if. . .

What if we were only allowed to use the word Love for its true meaning, I wonder how many times we would actually use the word!

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Can I Help You?. . .


Today’s been manic. . .

A client called me this morning at 9.00 and wanted me to meet for an appointment straight away!

I said ‘sure no problem’. . .’no problem at all!’. . .

Then, after I put the phone down I realised, that I had confirmed without checking my schedule for the day.

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I Forgive You. . .

They hurt you . . .I know!. . .they really hurt you!’. . .

I heard the words that dribbled from their mouth last week, when they thought we couldn’t hear!.

They were harsh words, barbed words and each one delivered with such force. . .

Shocked, I watched you hide in the doorway shadows, dying with each exhale of their mouths.

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What Is Hope?. . .

Go stand by the window!. . .open it!. . .look onto the streets!. . .

Do you see?. . .

Somewhere there is someone being murdered, somewhere there is someone giving their flesh against their will. . .

Somewhere there is someone losing the fight against addictions

Somewhere there is someone selling an addiction to someone that is desperate for escape. . .

Somewhere near you there is some one weeping for release from the agony of a shattered heart. . .

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Cold Feet & Drawbridges

The mornings arrived, but I’m not ready!…Its not yet daylight and my room is rather cold.


Lets talk about you for a minute, yes you!

How are you doing? . . . Seriously how are you ‘really’ doing?

I ask because, last night a friend and I began a discussion pertaining reconciliation, about letting those who caused us pain or let us down in the past, back into our lives.

As we talked a few other friends arrived and the conversation became meaty. Veins protruded from tense neck muscles, as past hurts were summoned to mind and distant injustices re-calibrated.

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Fathers Day

To All The Dads In The World. . .

To all dads who have dedicated time, finances and emotional support to their children, we want to say ‘Happy Fathers Day’ and to encourage you to never give up.

When the sun is bright and the kids are a joy to be with, when your heart aches to be with them, embrace every moment, enjoy every decibel of laughter, memorise every smile that your children deliver, and receive every embrace that they offer.

And, when times are difficult, and the cash is scarce, dig deep into your emotional vaults, and remember that your children still need you, your children still love you and they are counting on you.

In the hardest of times remember, your stronger than you know, and loved more than your children can express, you are their world and their support… your the one shaping, moulding, teaching and leading them.

And fathers of youths and young men and women, your still needed your still wanted and your encouragement still treasured.

Enjoy, embrace, and treasure your role as a Father. . .

You are loved.

Mens Anxiety, 3 Steps To Overcome


Anxiety is the silent leader in mental illness, our main ‘disruptor of peace’ Out of 40 million people affected, only 37% seek treatment

This statistic is even higher in men as only 1 in every 10 men report experiencing anxiety and depression, and less than half reported their concerns or sought treatment.

In the 21st century, men, are raised to ‘just deal with stuff and move on’. yet somethings like anxiety can’t be removed by drinking or playing sports, and in most cases there aren’t the opportunity’s to discuss the effects of anxiety.

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