‘Man Up’…

I’m sat waiting for the rice to finish cooking, it’s part of a delicious dish I’m cooking, judging by the aroma that the slaughtered chicken is producing, now that the fleshy morsels have been dusted with herbs, it’s going to be delightful. . .


The other day I sat chatting with a few mates, and the topic of discussion was, ‘What is a Real Man!’

It was quite a straight forward question but the conversation seemed to be stuck in a groove of uncertainty.

You could sense the unease, you could see beads of perspiration forming on foreheads, it was as if the question was too dangerous to handle. . .

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What Is Hope?. . .

Go stand by the window!. . .open it!. . .look onto the streets!. . .

Do you see?. . .

Somewhere there is someone being murdered, somewhere there is someone giving their flesh against their will. . .

Somewhere there is someone losing the fight against addictions

Somewhere there is someone selling an addiction to someone that is desperate for escape. . .

Somewhere near you there is some one weeping for release from the agony of a shattered heart. . .

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Worn Out…

I’m sat in a cafe, and it’s narcotic, I’m guessing from the decor that its trying to relive the past.

I’m almost a quarter of the way through my bacon sandwich, it’s nice, but I should have indulged in a full breakfast. You see, the table adjacent to mine did, and now they are gorging themselves on fodder that could have been mine.

And as I paused between the last and next mouthful a wave of nostalgia washed over me.

I have just been to the cobblers to have the heels of my boots fixed, they were in desperate need of work due to the mileage they have recently completed.


I’m know watching tables empty and tables refill, and I’m wondering how many of those who have stuffed their faces, quenched their thirst remember the ‘Good old days?’. . .

I chuckle to myself why do we call them the ‘good old days’ as if time now elapsed was full of life more vigorous more fulfilling than these days we now occupy?.

. . .’very peculiar!’. . .


A lady is rummaging through her historic looking bag, she has a desperate, anxious look upon her weather worn face. 

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FAQ: Sports Church – Christian Men United

Frequently Asked Questions


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Q:  Is there a Christian Women United?

Q:  What are the requirements to enter the Invincible Games?


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